Our Commitment

Willamette Carpentry has built a reputation for high skill, high-impact, on-time-on-dollar results on complex, demanding projects. We’re all about plans and partnerships and being the best. That’s why we live and work the belief that in high-end construction, finish is just the start.

Meet the Owner

Willamette Carpentry was born out of a desire to provide finish carpentry of premium craftsmanship and the belief that it’s the details that make a house a home, and make the good life even better. Over two decades later, we’re proud to be working with the region’s best builders and developers, bringing unmatched attention to detail, right-here-right-now customer service, put-it-in-the-book reliability and a clear understanding and respect for the challenges you face and the goals you set on every project.

Let’s chat and see how we can bring your vision to life.

Serge Durshpek, Owner

“Willamette Carpentry shared our vision of lines and textures, then laid out the components into a great display of scale and symmetry. Their vast experience creates a trusted collaboration, melding design and materials with sequencing and preparation for the trades to follow. Very professional, and done on time!”

Jim ChapmanLegend Homes