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Crafting for Living

From extraordinary one-of-a-kind custom homes to high-end residential projects, finish carpentry of premium craftsmanship and quality is our polish on your diamond.

It’s a very big part of what makes a house a home, and what makes the good life even better. It’s what your buyer touches everyday, what they live with and live in. It’s what says great investment with great style.

But after two decades working with the region’s best builders and developers, Willamette Carpentry understands that amazing craftsmanship alone isn’t enough. We bring unmatched attention to detail, right-here-right-now customer service, put-it-in-the-book reliability and a clear understanding and respect for the challenges you face and the goals you set on every project.

Now we know and you know that you hear this same pitch all the time, from every sub on the block. So what proves what we’re saying? What demonstrates our value?

Look at any of our work and talk to any of our clients. And we do mean any—because we treat every job like the hero shot in our portfolio. We don’t take a job off, we don’t let a client down. Ever.

We’ll say it again: Willamette Carpentry has built a reputation for high skill, high-impact, on-time-on-dollar results on complex, demanding projects. We’re all about plans and partnerships and being the best. That’s why we live and work the belief that in high-end construction, finish is just the start.

Awards & Recognition

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Our Clients

“Serge, Alex and the great craftsmen at Willamette Carpentry are a rare find. These folks are responsive, they do what they say they will do and perform at the high level we expect for our projects. Our expectations have been met and exceeded.”

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